Artworks is your local art guide. It’s an app that helps user to experience their local art scene in a fun and easy way.

Designed at Kurppa Hosk.

Identity, wordmark
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Artworks logo, the A, is a geo-pin and a drop representing the emotions art evokes. 

Lockup: Horizontal symbol wordmark

Lockup: Vertical symbol wordmark

App icon

Identity, typography
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Graphik is used in 3 weights, from Light → Medium, creating a clear hiearchy.

Identity, color system
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The visual identity consists of a strict and clear framework which highlight the rich content — the art— instead of overshadowing it.

An app packed visual goodies from the art world doesn’t need a color palette. Instead — the art itself sets the palette for the individual shows and venues.

The system is based on stacks, a clear visual cue to how artworks are stored.

Color system
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Color system
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Color system
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The art world are for many people exclusive and inaccessible. We wanted to demystify this world but still uphold an artful experience throughout the application.  It’s about facilitating the content without loosing the Artworks world.

We gathered data from interviews with potential users and created a platform where people interested in and working with art could find what they wanted in an inspiring and informative way. 

Kurppa Hosk

Lead Designer


© Niklas Rosén