This feed spans from portfolio updates to personal experiments with www, shapes, systems and text.

28/4 2017
LOOPTROOP ROCKERS. It is a big year ahead for Looptroop, your favorite rap group. They got inducted into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame as well as turning 25 years old this year and are celebrating by releasing 25 songs during 25 weeks!

Me and my favorite go-to-frontend-friend David Paulsson helped LTR out by creating a mini-site curated with all their new and up-coming releases. Make sure to update the site each week for the latest tune.︎︎

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TRANDANS. Easter time equals trana (crane) time. True smålänningar celebrates the return of the almighty crane during this time of the year and I dedicated a few hours of type exploration to it. I found inspiration from the anatomy of the crane, with it’s tall stately legs and massive upper body.

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4 apr 2017
ASTRO is yet another dead time geometric display type exploration. Based on a 40 times 48 square grid, sharp edges and 33° angles.

Note — photo friendly borrowed from Benedict Redgrove︎︎, for sketch and non-commercial usage only (aka on this log).

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17 mar 2017

RAUK is a typographic exploration made during evenings and empty time slots in my ical. Based on traditional black letters, with a modern and geometric approach, it’s a creation as a reflection of the past—a mirror to the future. Currently work in progress and finalizing it in Glyphs, stay tuned.

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