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Doconomy is a Swedish impact-tech startup that aims to provide both consumers and brands with digital tools to help understand and reduce the climate impact of consumption.

The 2030 Calculator, one of Doconomy’s digital products, is a product carbon footprint tool that can be used by any product brand or manufacturer to quickly calculate the carbon footprint of their products based on the emissions created from manufacturing and transport up until the point of sale. It uses unique emissions factors for each of the product parts, material, packaging, transportation, as well as energy consumed in the manufacturing process to determine its calculations. All calculations are cradle-to-gate and self-declared. In short: It’s the tool all responsible brands can use to do their part for a more sustainable future and business.

I was a part of a small team at Doconomy responsible for re-designing the 2030 Calculator, to optimize and enhance the overall user ability and experience. A complete design overhaul for the application and its components was covered.




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