Superlative is a new design studio with a vision of creating the best in electronic musical instruments. They pick up where the golden age of analog synthesizer design left off and are now building electronic instruments for the next generation of musicians.

SB01 (Space Bee) — the world’s thinnest and only rechargeable analog synthesizer is Superlative’s first product. At Kurppa Hosk, we designed the visual identity together with a website presenting the SB01 in depth and the company’s vision. To amplify and present the product, which still at this stage didn’t exist and only was a prototype, Kurppa Hosk created all content (3D renders) used as visualizations to promote the final product and to give the potential buyers a true sense of the product.

The website launched simultaneously with the Kickstarter launch of the SB01 where it surpassed it’s goal (1 million SEK) within 24 hours. I was involved in the entire project scope and mainly led the design process for the website (UI & UX). The website and the identity as a whole, will continuously to grow as new products launches in the future and the framework has been designed to be flexible enough for this.


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