Human Tokyo


The Post Human International Standard Poster Exhibition is a highly anticipated event exploring the intersection of art, technology, and human experience. Hosted by the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Design and the Visual Communication Design Study Program at the Institute of Technology Telkom Purwokerto, the event showcases the aftermath of the pandemic and its impact on society through the lens of post-humanism.

Post-humanism merges human existence with the technology we have created, raising crucial questions about the relationship between technology and humanity. Gustav Nordebrink is one of the 160 artists from 20 countries showcasing their interpretation of post-humanity. The thought-provoking art offers insight into this emerging field of study and reflects on the implications of post-humanism for society. 
The idea behind Human Tokyo envisions a future where technology and humanity are inseparable, shaping our lives and the world around us. Integrating technology into our daily lives could lead to a technologically advanced metropolis where humans and cities merge, raising important questions about the relationship between technology and humanity.

Alongside the poster, we created a brand identity around the concept together with printed promotion material and a website.


Design collaborator

Gustav Nordebrink

Website development

David Paulsson


Huwan Peng

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