G—W Studios


A Swedish brand and digital design studio that partners with fast-growing companies worldwide. Their agile approach is optimized for impact, working in small teams without any frills to deliver big results. With a focus on quality, the studio consists only of hands-on creatives, ensuring that their attention remains fixed where it should be.

We collaborated with our friends at G—W Studios to conceptualize and craft their new digital experience. Additionally, we developed a brand design DNA that aligns with their philosophy of "Design for Scale". This included creating a unique and flexible line pattern that embodies their core values.

The result is a modular and responsive framework that seamlessly adjusts to the diverse needs and preferences of G—W’s clients expression. Its adaptability allows for effortless customization, enabling the platform to cater to a wide range of expressions and design variations.

Design collaborator
Gustav Nordebrink↗
Website development
Harry J. Atkins↗
Huwan Peng↗

Website, Brand DNA
Lead Designer