A startup on a mission to create a digital training tool for cancer patients during and after treatment to help increase wellbeing. According to new research, physical activity during cancer treatment contribute to reduced side effects, lower recurrence risk, better treatment effect, reduced risk of other chronic diseases as a result of treatment, better mental health and much much more.

Being in an early stage as a startup, Oppioo needed a visual identity to be able to continue its journey ahead to help cancer patients. I defined a new visual expression for Oppioo that is clear, friendly and energetic, making sure that Oppioo sets apart from other typical health services.

Along with the identity, a micro site was created to give Oppioo a digital presence. The website is an information site, giving the visitors a glimpse of what the app could look like in the future.

Visit oppioo.com↗

Website development

David Paulsson

Website, Identity
Lead Designer