A startup on a mission to create a digital platform for cancer patients during and after treatment to help increase wellbeing and speed up their recovery. Evidence shows that physical activity has a great impact on cancer treatment, but there is gap between research and healthcare, and the support to patients is unequal and not sufficient. Oppioo want to bridge the care gap and integrate individualised cancer rehabilitation in an early stage of the cancer treatment, which reduces side effects, complications, risk of relapse as well as speeds up recovery and increases cancer patients’ well-being. This has a large positive economic impact both for the individual as for society and the healthcare system.

Being in an early stage as a startup, Oppioo needed a brand identity to be able to continue its journey ahead to help cancer patients. I defined a new visual expression that is clear, friendly and energetic, making sure that Oppioo clearly sets apart from other typical health services. The rich colour palette allows a broad usage for digital and communications, and the bold bespoke numbers used for data visualisation fuels the expression further more.

Along with the brand identity, the project has entailed a micro web site, app prototype, presentation templates and other miscellaneous production.



Website development

David Paulsson

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