A leading IT partner in the Nordics and the Netherlands. Kurppa Hosk created a new brand platform and identity based on their new business strategy moving from hardware sales to becoming a full-service provider.

I was part of the team working with their new brand identity, where I was responsible for the digital experience and led the initial work for the e-commerce. We explored and defined the new visual expression applied to their existing framework, challenged the interaction patterns, and defined the main key page templates for the e-com. The work included a large number of modules and components, which led to the start of the systematization of the new design.

The design thinking applied became the design vision forward for Dustin’s updated e-com. A team at Kurppa Hosk continued the work further and worked with Dustin’s in-house design team to create a new digital design system, covering a UI Kit with an atomic design approach.

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