Kurppa Hosk


A design agency that design across industries, markets, cultures, platforms, channels and technologies from their offices in Stockholm and New York.

During 2018 we re-designed our website from the ground up. The previous website, which mainly consisted of brand design case studies, was limited to work with and perceived quite static—aka it was somewhat outdated and didn’t present the vision of Kurppa Hosk. We designed a new flexible yet minimal framework to cover everything from case studies across all our services (business, brand and experience design) to in-depth insight reports. The website is built on a skev 5 column layout, using indents in a non-traditional way and micro transitions to create a immersive Kurppa Hosk-esque experience to invite both talent and new clients.

I was part of the team creating the new website, from the navigational structure, framework, concept ideas where we defined and designed the page templates, merge old case studies into the new framework and also to create new ones along the way.

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