ID—C, or Independent Designers Collective is an initiative founded by Niklas Rosén and Gustav Nordebrink.

The collective is a response to a dynamic and ever-evolving world, where independent flexibility and network scalability meet modern demands.

ID—C works at the intersection of brand identity and digital design. Most of what we do lives online but the media is unimportant to us. Our experience includes a spectrum of disciplines. From industrial design to conventional print to apps. We are not a progressive nor innovative actor. We offer functional design for people and businesses that are looking for stable long-term solutions. Not the quick fix.

The brand identity and digital design experience is created together with our scaleable team with the ambition to express our independency.


Design collaborator

Gustav Nordebrink

Website development

Harry J. Atkins


Josefine Laul


Steve Gavan

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