A simple and secure mobile payment service for individuals and businesses. It was launched in december 2012 by six of Sweden’s largest banks and today Swish has over seven million users (and counting)¹.

The previous app design was designed for iOS although it was available for Android as well. This, together with the fact that the two year old design did not align with the brand expression and that it was not adapted for the new bigger screens on the market, I got the opportunity to make an overall UX and UI re-design together with André Karlsson and Eva Eckerblad at The World Loves.

Along with the re-design, e- and m-commerce was introduced in the app, making sure that Swish really is one of the easiest and fastest payment options in customer journeys.

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¹ Statistics from Swish Monthly Report (2019.08.01)<br />— 7 161 436 private users<br />— 200 000 companies connected<br />— 46 731 072 amounts of payments last month

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