A Stockholm based design line— founded by Sofia Mehrotra—with the vision to create long lasting every day pieces. Each item is hand-picked and locally produced/upcycled in India, forming a series of long-lasting, sustainable and beautiful items.

The brand is inspired by Sofia’s Indian heritage and Swedish upbringing, which seamlessly combines the contrasts of each world; the warmth of India and the minimalism of Sweden. At Kurppa Hosk we created a flexible platform capturing the brand characteristics, designed for timeless products and stories that are deep-rooted in heritage and inspired by contemporary culture.

Along with the new website, art direction for the entire range of product categories was made together with a photo shoot, making sure that we established a solid base for future products and to align with the overall expression. 

Tobias Lundkvist
Jan Landfeldt


E-commerce, Art Direction
Kurppa Hosk
Lead Designer